Jumaat, 14 September 2012

MY COUSIN with Premium Beautiful

This is my cousin. Her name is Liyana Awang. She works as chemist at SAJ Holdings in Batu Pahat, Johor.

This photo was taken during Aidilfitri in 2011.

One night in July 2012, we have conversation about corset for women health. She prefer to know about Premium Beautiful and want to wear it..

Liyana with her foreign boyfriend! LOL! just kidding..

After two weeks, i brought to her the set of PB. I gave her a fitting and little consultation how to wear and wash it.

I always keep in touch with Liyana because i really want to know her progress. 

Then, after two month she gave me her new picture in FB. 

This photo have been taken at Aidilfitri 2012 

It is awesome! It is a big transformation that we can see from the pictures!

so want are you wanting for? 
If you want to be healthier and slimmer, 
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