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BB PLUS COLLAGEN (english version)

Why BB Plus?BB Plus is made primarily from high quality fish collagen. Fish collagen is a Type 2 collagen, said to have a structure of an amino acid chain perfectly compatible to the humans. Due to the natural habitat of fish, the collagen derived from this marine animal has sufficient amino acids namely Proline & Glycine in their lower body temperature, similar to human collagen.

Proline and Glycine are two amino acids responsible for formation of collagen, maintaining skin and cartilage. Fish collagen then are produced to peptides using latest technology for better absorption and availability.

How does BB Plus works?
Triple mode of actions:
1. Repair - Promotes micro cleansing, replenishes collagen peptides to damage or weak collagen network
2. Rebuild - Strengthens and protects collagen network through antioxidant
3. Renew - Promotes growth and production of new collagen cells
Are there any extra antioxidant protection?Blackcurrant juice contains anthocyanins to protect the face & body against UV & free radical damage. Grape seed extract with OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) reduces skin discomfort and promotes healing. Vitamin C and roselle strengthen collagen network, protect collagen in dermis and promote synthesis.

Apple fiber
Grape seeds

How does BB Plus enhance skin performance?
Apple fibre and inulin (dietary fibre) promotes skin clarity through detoxification.

How does BB Plus help in reducing discomfort of joints?
Fish collagen peptide is also a good source of Type II Collagen of which is being found to be predominant component of hyalin cartilage able to help suppress inflammation caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

7 Beauty Effects:1. Radiant & Brighter complexion
2. Improves skin firmness and elasticity
3. Promotes smoothness and suppleness
4. Improves moisture content of skin
5. Reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
6. Promotes healing & repair
7. Reduces effect from sun damage

Price for 1 box = RM180.00
1 box = 20 Sachets
Promotion price for 10 person first order
Free postage!
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